Mr.Kirit Gajera

A visionary with excellent business acumen, Mr. Kirit is an entrepreneur par excellence. His dynamism is reflected in the multifaceted nature of the Green leaf Realty and his determination to take the organization to foreign shores.

He holds a rich experience of 25 years in residential and commercial construction. He brings the knowledge and perspective necessary to direct the development and successful outcome of every project.

Mr. Kirit Gajera provides leadership in setting goals, process, and direction. His key role includes Strategy Planning, Business Development, Strategic Tie-ups and Project Execution.

Mr.Vipul Kabaria

A young, dynamic entrepreneur, Mr Vipul Kabaria has more than 20 years of experience in managing the operations, design and development, sales, media and marketing functions of Green Leaf Realty.

Mr. Vipul has played a significant role in shaping the financial policy guidelines of Green Leaf Realty with his valuable experience, he leads the team and manages all the financial activities. He ensures that full clarity is maintained in finance which in turn strengthens the trust of our customer.

Along with his knowledge in Finance, he excels in the field of construction too. His experience helps in timely execution of the company’s projects. With his clear vision and financial expertise, he is sure to make this company a success.